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Hello All!

Thankful to have discovered and be a part of this community. I have two plants I’m getting ready to put into my flowering area. One is a Twenty20 Mendo Hot Mess and the other is a Twenty20 Made of Honor. The Made of Honor was from seed (germination Jan 10) and the Hot Mess was a clone (received beginning of Feb). I’m on my third grow cycle with my first two being pretty basic; using LED shop lights from the local clearance section, unknowingly using tap water of 9.0+ pH, minimal trimming and topping, etc…

This time I’ve corrected a lot of that and trying for a more deliberate and educated all around grow and harvest. So I’m asking the grower experts here if there is anything they see that I could have done differently with these two earlier in their vegetative stage? Or is there anything you would advise before I put them into the flowering stage?

These are in a 3×3 tent with an HLG 225R running at full. I found this light a little difficult to work with due to the conical nature of the light spread. I’ve got it at about an average temp of 72 and RH of 62 without any active adjustment to the environment. My tent has a broken zipper so I keep the door open and my fans blow from outside into the tent. I adjust my water using citric acid (wow is that a challenge to do reliably!) to about 6.4, have used Grow Big and Recharge every other water and Fish Sh!t about every third water and I water two to three times a week.

Thanks for any wisdom you can share! The plant on the left in the pic of both is the Hot Mess and the taller is the Made of Honor.