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Hey all, just checking in, and showing my new mother plant. I’m just getting her set up in my old veg closet, a 2×3 foot with a 7 foot ceiling if i take the shelf out. I put this air layered clone into a 15 gallon smart pot filled with my own organic soil blend consisting of coco, peat, perlite, and lots of castings from my red worm bins. I amended with a light dose of “one shot” from Nectar for the gods, bone meal, bat guano, azomite, and gypsum. I companion planted some mint in there too, just like i do my tomatoes outside (these are even from roots i dug out of this years tomato spot.  I just put some cheap low wattage cfl bulbs in there because i want slow growth ideally. Nothing super fancy to this set up at all, but i absolutely love this blue cheese phenotype that i have going, so its worth that super valuable  real estate, for the time being anyway. Just moved my bloom from a 2×4, to a 4×5, so um still filling everything up. Let me know what y’all think, i’m sure there’s room for improvement lol

Peace to this awesome community, that I’m privileged enough to be a part of.