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My question is…Should I transplant? They are currently in #3’s (3.6 gal). I received them in solo cups April 12th, and transplanted into #2’s (1.75 gal) only days after. On May 6th I transplanted into current pots. Seeing now, I should have went strait to the 3.6 gal, or strait to 7 gal. 7 gal is what I plan on flowering in. Good fix? Need some feedback guys, anything will help. Happy growing everyone.

Side note guys…3rd picture down. When I was in need of transplant the first time I wrapped burlap around their bottoms before transplant. Keeping only the burlap damp until she was ready to water and transplant at the same time. I did this to block any light and to reduce drying of root tips. The roots were protruding through the pot and into the burlap instead of continuing to wrap around inside when it was time to transplant. I had such a healthy root ball. I also cropped the roots on bottom by slicing a single thin X over the full diameter. I thought I’d share. I think that’s maybe why I have to transplant so soon again? But what do I know I just started out. Thanks again Guys!