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Hey what’s up DGC family, hope you are all well. I have a question about cooling a room my tent is in. I have a 3×3 tent in a basement laundry room. I’m about halfway through flower on this Dinafem Gorilla and with my dehumidifier running in the laundry room (pushing some dry air in the tent and some out into the laundry room) it’s driving up the temp in the laundry room just a bit higher then I would like. I only want to lower the temp by 2-3 f during lights on. I found this online (see pic) it’s a fan with copper coil tubing attached to the front grill sitting on top a camping cooler. The cooler is  filled with ice water and a pump inside pumps the cold water through the copper coil and back in the cooler. I know this is not air conditioning. It’s not conditioning the air at all, But would it work to lower the room temps by 2-3 f? It’s a small room I already have the same fan, a old cooler I’m willing to drill holes in and a water pump. I don’t care if it raises the humidity a bit in the room and I would only need it during flower on the hottest months of the year. What y’all think??