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What’s going on DGC, just thought I’d drop by with some Ghost Cake that I grew earlier this year. This strain is called Ghost Cake, and is a cross of Ghost OG and Black Forest Cake bred by Dankonomics Genetics. Pictured is #1. The Black Forest Cake parent was a pheno found with in collaboration with JAWS Genetics. It’s a Forum Cut GSC BX2 F2 using Aliendawg as the outcross male. The Ghost OG was reversed and used to pollinate the BFC.

I grew three of these plants and #1 and #3 were very similar, leaning heavy on the OG side with flavor and terps. #2 came out BFC dominant, but 60/40 at most if I were to guess.

I’d describe the flavor like chewing on a handful of brand new rubberbands. There’s fuel on the exhale and a bit of pine too. Smell wise, lots of fuel to the point it’s almost overwhelming. If someone had even a small nug on their person and it wasn’t in a smell proof container, people WILL know.

I’m kicking myself in the ass because I didn’t keep this around. But I still have a few seeds left, so I think I’ll get them wet soon and see what I can find.

Grow details: 4×4 tent, two QB 288’s from HLG (550 watts), flood and drain table, 1 gallon pots, hydroton, flood 8 times per day, mammoth p, orca, jacks 321, optic foliar overgrow, (hand watered recharge weekly). Kept PH between 5.8 – 6.1 and Jacks 321 was full strength from start to finish. Res PPM’s always kept between 800-900.

Thanks Scotty, Dude, Guru, Kyle, and the gang. Keep putting out great content.