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Have an auto strain unknown bought a mixed pack.

4 finished at day 59 from seed. This was a droopy plant during time when others were finishing , almost gave up on her. She has now bulked up and is fox trailing everywhere (genetics)? Now day 80 I have taken her from the light.

This us from my first indoor grow. Also had 2 others with fox tailing.

5×5 tent sf4000 spider farmer light, GH 3 part plus cal/mag. Always pH 5.8 to 6.3 lots of air flow.. temps 68° to 79°F these are light off and on. Promix hp with micrchorizne .

Could these plants be getting to much light? Starting 2nd grow have light at 30″ for 2 week seedlings they are doing well.

Love your show it’s of great info and entertainment (Scotty).