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Been growing autos and a  photoperiod on occasion for a few years and have had my ups and wtfs. This is the first time i’ve ever said wtf, these are autoflowers please someone, what’s going on. The first 2 is the only one that has been top dressed with earth juices rainbow 2,14,2 a week back and since the other was very small i didn’t even consider. They are in a delish 3 gal organic mixture of mushroom compost castings perlite coco @ 50 10 10 30 and 2 tablespoon of fox farm all purpose and 1 tablespoon earth juice 2-14-2. I keep a light water of the top layer mid day because its organic keep microbes livin average rh mid 40s on the low days never over 55. And temp never under 60 but i’ve had a few recent heat spikes recently around 86 and i try to never go past 80. i did make that the mixture and water in recharge a week or 2 before seeds were dropped in. With the seeds being direct sewn or sown with the central spot only being coco. And the top layer of my pots being straight coco its really good bug prevention.

Scotty….. you’re literally the coolest guy ever. And the entire crew and community is so amazing!