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Hello DGC’ers. Love ya all.

Got me some GMO running 1st time and I am seeing some issues I would like a lil help with. I have 5 running in various states in flower and most are showing this. Some are 3 weeks in some 4ish. Never grown the strain. Grow in 15 gal no til, living soil. Worms and all. Not 1st run in this soil. Recharge & Urb are part of the regiment. ( I do stop recharge about week 5 in flower.) I adjust the pH of my water to 6.8. Use Build a Soil  Build a flower. big 6 micros. coconut powder, silica and thermx 70 bout once a week. Straight water rest of time. In a 10×8 room. 2 HLG scorpion RSpec . 77 day temp 66 night. Leaf temp 75. Curious if this is a strain dependent thing or I am lacking in Phosphorous, Mg etc. Have been running the no til for over a year 1st time I am seeing any deficiencies really. I think I am catching it early and have time to react. Hoping you fine people can help me decide what that reaction is. Big fan of the show and the DGC. From the lights to the pots to the soil to the genetics all came from DGC pros with the DGC discount.

Thank you.