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So, I posted earlier about seeing tiny white things flying around.  They just appeared to be white while in flight.

Fucking fungus gnats.  The first plant I got when I got to Michigan was a White widow in a 15 gallon pot, about 5 feet tall. It was used as a mother until it was given to me. This plant was forced on me by the people I work with. I had no desire for a mother, as I was in need of some rooted clones.  I was trying to get a single run done in a tight window at a place I only had for four months. by this time I was already down two weeks.

It was definitely deficient when I got it.  Yellow from the bottom up. Interveinal chlorosis.  I babied it for a couple of weeks with regular nutes with  no turn around before hitting it with some cal-mag.  About that time it stayed green and seemed to be good.  As it turned out I wouldn’t have time for the run a the current spot.  No worries. My people had a new spot.  The new place needed a lot of work, which a large portion fell on me.  This caused a bit of neglect on my part for the plants.  As things went along, I ended up becoming pretty good friends with the guy who gave us the plant.  The more I got to know him, he tells me about his place. Tells me his guy has been messing things up.  Things look good when he’s there, but a couple of weeks after he leaves, shit goes yellow.  Bad yellow.  Necrosis in the sugar trim bad.  And now its about that time we see shit flying around at my new place.  I spray a little spray, seems to have things under control. Even so, I’m still seeing some hard taco on the top leaves and some necrotic spots and some yellow here and there.  So after thinking about it for a minute, I get out my new pH probe that works in the dirt as well as in the res. I test a couple spots and I’m getting low 6’s and high 5’s.  Seems pretty good. I stick a couple more spots and its about that time I notice those little SOBs are in my dirt. I moved a bunch of them into flower during this time. The first week of flower things got a lot worse.  One even dropped all the leaves. I spray and get sticky traps.  I run some stuff through the pots.  Still not improving. So I need to go a little more drastic.  Food grade H2O2 diluted down to around 3%.  I hit a couple pots and get a pretty severe reaction.  That’s when I zero in on the old mother widow. I hit that pot with the H2O2 and I shit you not it boiled so bad it looked like smoke coming off of it.  I’m still recovering from the severity of the infestation.  Morel of the story is exactly what Scotty and Dude have said all the time.  Be very careful what you bring into your grow. Treat everything as of it is infected.  Quarantine for two weeks, and PAY ATTENTION DURING THIS PERIOD.

Fuck these fucking gnats.