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Hey DGC!

I did my first 2 grows in a 2×2 tent, and man, I have a feeling some of my difficulties were simply due to size. Not to mention, I’m a 6’2″ big dude, so it was always a pain (sometimes literally) to work in that thing. During Black Friday, I picked up a GGT 5×5 at a great price they were running plus the DGC discount (got it for $258.04 shipped!).

I’m going to continue to use my little HLG QB 132 V2 and pop a single plant under it while I decide on the new lighting I need to fill out the new tent.

Let me run my thoughts by you guys to see what you think and get any advice.

What I think is my best option:

1st option: x2 320W XL QB V2 R spec LED Kit – https://growershouse.com/horticulture-lighting-group-hlg-320w-qb-v2-led-kit-rspec

With this option I can buy one soon, and get the second later (helps with budget and wife). I can also have 2 separate heights of plants under each light, if ever needed.

2nd option: x4 260W QB V2 Rspec LED Kit – https://growershouse.com/horticulture-lighting-group-hlg-260w-qb-v2-led-kit-rspec

Most expensive option, and I can adjust heights over 4 areas. However, not sure I really want to fiddle with 4 drivers when I need to dim, or 4 lights when I need to raise/lower them.

3rd option: A single HLG 550 V2 Rspec – https://growershouse.com/horticulture-lighting-group-500w-4-quantum-boards-hlg550-v2-rspec

I lose the ability to have multiple light heights. It also seems this may not fully cover a 5×5 for flower.

What do you guys think? Seem like I’m on the right track?