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I have been growing indoors in SoCal for the last 2 years. My setup is as follows:
4’x8’x12” living soil bed
4’x8’x7′ tent
carbon filter with an exhaust fan
HLG 550v2 on one side with a GC350 and dwarf star on the other side
Water with blumats and hand water the extras in like recharge

I know all a good amount about growing but I can always learn more. My question is this. What should I do or not do when transitioning from indoor growing to out door growing? When should I start the seeds? When should I put them outside? Any tips would be helpful.

What I want to accomplish:

My outdoor garden would be in SoCal, West facing but with south facing light from 12-4pm. I want 3-5 plants max as I don’t want the smell to be overwhelming. (poping the 5 pack of seeds I just got from seedsherenow, Thanks!) I only want the plants 3-5 feet tall max. (Bushy) Going to use 10 gallon pots with livingsoil (coco, peatmoss, supersoil on a bed of rocks, lifted on a pallet) 1-2lbs is my goal which should last me a while.

Thanks ahead of time for any responses.