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Wanted to say thanks to all, I joined just a little bit ago but have deep roots in cannabis… I had dabbled done some things and enjoyed growing….but never committed…my family was one of the pioneering families of cannabis in WA state first med then a rec grow and one of the only all female grow teams so it’s not a surprise to my other family that I jumped in.  Indeed talking to my aunt is like reading Capn or some of the old timers lol, Joining the DGC a couple months ago really brought it home for me and the sharing of this community changed not only my career path but quite caused me to evaluate honestly what I stood for,along with getting sick it completely made me reevaluate what’s important. So with the wife and families support,My papers are coming and with the level of support and knowledge coming my way the 2020 Cannabis Cup may very well be housed in AZ!!!

Thanx crew,truly humbled.

Hope to have a room like below to match my family soon!