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I got these air tubes hooked up to warm air exhaust. You could hook it up to some sort of warm air apparatus. I am really enjoying the flexibility of customizing where I need my air. My goal is to not have any bud rot at all. My point though being that just with plastic vacuum seal tubing you can completely customize the diffuser of your air. Vacuum seal bag soldering iron is what I used to melt the holes. However, I was definitely a bit of a butt of a joke as I ruined the tip of my solder iron. My point is really not a good melted out circle or maybe hole punched circle is far better than slashes that I have used in the past With semi rigid. Which is always in the way. This plastic when it is deflated it is not in the way at all and easy to work around. I step on it a lot and it never seems to do anything malignant to the tube itself.