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I have four goji pupils in 10 gal radical bags. I started with coast of maine stonington blend and have been adding homegrown bokashi veg booster with earthworm castings. I have also been using mammoth p and recharge once a week.

I heard you guys discussing plants last week that were starting to flower already, and even with a 12 week flowering period, this would be too soon for sure. Well, I went out to check on things last week, plucking a few leaves here and there and I noticed a significant jump in growth. I didn’t think much of it. I had used mammoth p in hydro my last run and it doubled my yield, so naturally I just figured things were going to be the same out here in the backyard. Love that Mammoth P!

The beginning of this week I started noticing the abundance of pre-flower appendages. What the….  In my head I  start counting the number of weeks, I google goji pupil to check flower time and it’s 62-72 days. Yep, too early..  What the…

Then I hear you guys talking about it. Well here are some pics. Each one is of a different plant. Am I seeing things?