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Greetings DGC – Dude, Scotty and Guru! Can we talk microbes, again, some more, please?  I did next to no research on this, but I am hoping to make the complicated simple.  Can I just take my kids goldfish tank water when changing it out, and feed it to my cannabis plants? Have I been pouring gold down the drain? (Please say yes because I just dumped a jug of pond-looking goldfish water in my baby outdoor plant this morning). Mixed in some recharge too of course! Thought I heard you all say fish brings the dank! Am I right? in the words of Scotty “Help me out here, Guru” is something as simple as pouring goldfish tank water in our plants beneficial? Or is there more to it than that? Do you have to have some aquaponic system setup in order to get results? And if you can in fact just pour tank water into the roots, is it hot? What considerations need to be made? Thanks for the show, knowledge, entertainment and laughs y’all.  If you ever travel to the Buckeye state you got a friend here with plenty of buds, raised and grown with love, recharge, and lessons learned on the Dude Grows Show – allowed to properly senesce, slow dried and glass cured! Just holler at ya boy if you ever pass through!