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Hey guys love the show, especially when I’m trimming! I have been growing for about 3 years now in Missouri, love learning and self teaching with the help of youtube and people like you guys.

At first I grew seeds I had heard of Gorrilla Glue, Blue Dream ext. But about a year in I started looking for more top shelf stuff, I find a strain I like then do the research on who gets credit for creating it then try to get the seeds from that breeder, works well for getting great quality stuff. This breeder Flora Creations I had never heard of on my journey but while buying seeds I ran across a Slaughter house line they did, all meat breath crosses, as someone who loves offensive, stinky, body odor, GMO type  flower had to get a couple, this Good Burger is a cross of Meat Breath x Garlic Burger and was absolutely FIRE!! So strong buddies told me they were scared to smoke it during the day! The breeder must have went out of bussiness because I can’t find much on them anymore but just started 2 seeds of the Meat pie meat breath×Gelato 33 so hopefully they are ladies and I can give an update.

Love the show keep up the good work.