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Hello my DGC friends. I’ve got my grow right here it’s 3 purple city genetics runts x strawnanna and 1 gushers x mamma Mia they are in 5 gallon Radicle Bags in a 4×4 with a hlg 600 r spec I’m using recharge once a week and gh veg and gh bloom with water pH 6.0 for nutes and I’m at 5 1/2 weeks into flower the leaves look way to light green on the back 2 the one on the right the leaves are yellowing and dying at the tips and the tips are a little curled and the back left the leaves are dropping and starting to turn purple I’m hoping that it’s going purple because of the strain but the others are not so it might be a bad purple any help or suggestions would be nice I’m probably gonna just have to run it like it is since there’s only a couple weeks left but for next time I’d like to see what’s wrong so it doesn’t happen again stay lifted growmies.