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Hey guys!

This is a gorilla glue I have growing right now in my 4×4 flower tent. Pics we taken start of week 7 so there is definitely some time left but the colors are looking amazing and I had to share it with the DGC!

I have grown her under the fc4800 from mars, using gaia green dry amendments and of course, Recharge! I have been testing the Enricher from TNB Naturals as well as using their organic pH up and down and Enhancer CO2 bottles. She is in a 3 gallon pot but easily could have used a 5 gallon (next round are in 7’s). I use pro mix hp, and add extra perlite, a bit of vermiculite and diatomaceous earth for silica, and a hefty sum of worm castings, which is where I found the need for more perlite. She has been given some nirvana for the sugars and acids needed but otherwise pH’d water with a weekly dose of Recharge. I’m in Canada, and look forward to being able to try growing some out using Grow-Dots in the near future!

I will submit another dank nugs later when I can get harvest and bud photos but I hope everyone enjoys the beautiful fall colors of her. I love GG4 for the smoke, the rosin, great to grow and trim and the purple’s it almost always produces for me! I love the show Scotty, Dude and Guru and always look forward to the next one! Take it easy and Happy Growing!