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What’s growing on Fellas and the DGC!
I started this grow in May and can’t wait to chop these ladies down. They are looking and smelling amazing. I’m currently running an RDWC system  because I’m working 6 days a week long hours and have little time to maintain them. Let’s just say they get a lot of love on Sunday’s. There’s a total of 8 plants 2 of each strain, in  a 5×10 tent under to HLG 600rspecs.  I’m planning on learning to grow in Coco with the new Grow dots (Thanks Scotty) and a drip system, I like to believe I have a similar mindset as Scotty trying to make growing as simple as possible. Even got my brother into it and sent him his entire start up Kit in prohibition land. Anyways, In the 1st picture is Gorilla Zkittles it’s the smallest plant of them all but the buds are suuuuper loaded with trichomes and rock solid. White widow in the 2nd picture with a Cal Def arising but she’s finishing soon no worries. Next is Blueberry starting to fade to purple which is my absolute favorite I love the color on it. And lastly Maui which’s packing on some serious weight, one of the colas is getting close to soda can size. I’m a newer grower so it’s amazing to see different genetics and phenos grow at once. Im planning on cutting them down  Oct 14 and I’m flying in a few family members into town on the 25th to help me trim. Thanks for taking the time to look at my grow and these Dank Nugz. Peace and love to the DGC 🌱✌🏼