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Yo-yo super studs, and of course a few duds. So I got the par meter. Now I feel like I don’t really trust my judgment on light stress. Directly under the light that is a 600 W HPS  I have been hanging out around 550 µmol.? That’s what the meter says. So if 700 is topping out, And that is with good perfect environment. My confidence level on environmental factors is not so high. I am still trying to work out bugs with organic amendments. The temperature and humidity is as shown on chart. Well my stupid Bluetooth won’t pull up the history. But basically those temperatures are the average.My air source is a 8 inch in-line fan pulling directly from outside. I live in high Desert so it’s dry and cold often at night. I took 8 inch duck and did a loop around the ceiling of the room. Then poked a shit ton of holes in it. Trying to defuse it. Because it can be really cold coming in. When Lights are on I have for oscillating fans. When lights are off I have to oscillating fans. There is a dehumidifier that turns on during dark cycle also. I have it set to 45. Never pulls much water. With all that said I feel like I can’t handle over 500 . But really I just don’t feel confident on diagnosing light stress. Although am I crazy to notice that whatever yellow is going on is in the center of each light?  And also, if I made this T-shirt I have in my head can I send it to Scotty? Thanx and I had also Nominated Coach Steve to be on the show. I have not seen any report of who y’all have chosen.