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What’s up dgc!

Scotty, dude, guru and all y’all, I miss you  all.

So I moved to Canada  like the dude and in 11 days from now, it will be legal to grow 4 plants and the government has made it very difficult to do anything but that. Unlike Colorado, where every adult can grow up to 6, 12 per house hold, it’s 4 plants. From seed, their seed and no coops or anything like that.

Only thing they didn’t touch base on was grafting. And maybe it’s because it’s not possible but I have to ask

Is it possible to have “one” plant but have multiple strains grafted onto the one root system?

If so, does each strain retain their own uniqueness or would they start to merry eachother and become uniform?

I know this is possible with other plants, such as the one I posted a picture of. That’s a tree with 40 different fruits and nuts grafted onto it.  So I’m wondering if this is possible with the same kind of plant but different strains. To stay legal pssssh

Stoned thoughts.

Hope y’all are well, I’ve been busy and lurking.