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Hey DGC Hydro Larry here,

This DANK NUG is GDP from ILGM. It is 100% indica,  or so they say.  I figure about 13 weeks is what she will take from seed to harvest .

Yes it’s an autoflower.. yes it’s DWC

She went 4 weeks in veg before flowering not sure “Scotty” if it’s the Dyna-Gro nutrients but these are the biggest buds ever for me. We’re talkin arm sized colas Dude. Right now she’s under a 1000w hps but I’m gonna switch back to metal halide the last 10 days before harvest because it brings the frost.

Just your basic hydroponics grower, nothing to see here.

Thanks again for the sticker pack Dude!!

✌️✌️ Hydro Larry