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DGC Producer here!! Great show fellas! Joined the Multipass from Ethos and received a pack of these for free for being a member. Easy grower, loves the water and feed, very vigorous. Had a slightly citrus and burning rubber smell and taste just like it smells and SMACKS, Started with Grow Dots and Recharge also used Fish Shit on every water, made veg super easy just water. When she hit flower I started adding Nectar for the gods Roman and finished her out. Smells real rubbery and some fruity notes but way easy to trim and grow. Since this started my buddies mom on Dots and Recharge she had been killing all her plants and now she is Killing It!! I’m sure I could have went full grow with the Dots but I’m always trying to hammer my plants to push them to the limit so I had to start adding stuff.