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Granny skunk bred by Duke diamond/Dominion seed. This plant is super terpy, covered in trichs, and a chunker! I have 2 awesome phenos and the one pictured is pheno#1. She smells almost like nag champa incense and skunk! Flowers just like the pack says and is done between 56-60 days. Also for fun I grew this pictured pheno out under only a 150 watt hps and she still killed it with no issues so this plant can be grown under lower light apparently! Used my own super soil mix with recharge, photo plus, and mammoth P for packaged microbials and compost teas as well here and there! Popped 3 seeds from my pack and got 2 female keepers and 1 male so I’d say picking up a pack of these from Duke is WELL worth it!