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This is Grape gasoline bred by Cannarado Genetics. 12 plant pheno hunt she’s was my favorite as far as growth characteristics and structure. She’s a fast growing resilient plant. Big jumper come flower she triples in size easily. Likes her food and has a appetite for higher levels of phosphorous from what I have gathered as most big jumpers do. She throws on weight and size very quickly bamboo stakes are a must. She’s more gassy than Grape but the grapes there on the aftertaste. She presses on the dabpress at 26% right after drying. She’s a all around home run. Grown under my Nextlight Mega Pros, drain to waste hydroponics 50/50 coco to perlite with real growers Recharge and Remo Nutrients Supercharged pack. I do a foliar fed once a week with a low ppm kelp and cal-mag spray to help maintain healthy cell walls.  She’s a dream to grow. Long live the DGC!