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The 240 is $215.00 US +$36 shipping.

Top bin dimmable Samsung 301H/Cree far red.  + Independently controlled IR and UV.

5 year warranty on Meanwell driver 3 yr on boards.

They also have an option with samsung 561 (I think that’s right) reds for $200

Not dimmable 204 with dimmer option.

The 120 is great for me to fill out my 4×4. I think.

With my 630w current fixture the 240 would be almost 900w. I think I’d have real heat issues. Possibly too much light as I hit DLI with my 630 over 75% of my tent. But the dimmer may take care of that. The 120 is a single QB and will not provide the 1’x4′ wide flower footprint I need.

Any input on light is appreciated.