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So In my state as the snow falls, lung room Temps and indoor Temps in general rise as it becomes well below freezing outside. Running your lights on high in flower can produce a ton of heat. So maintaining a good temp in the cold season has been hard. So I decided to get a 4 inch ac infinity t4, a 4 inch ac infinity booster, a 4 inch one way duct flap, a 2 to 1 4inch ducting adapter, 4 inch through wall dryer vent, 4 inch ac infinity carbon filter, and last the 4 inch duct piping also from ac infinity. I have the s4 fan set to high temp mode and altered the other modes so the climate won’t effect the fan unless it gets to hot. The booster runs all the time for air exchange and pulls from the lung room. Both fans are piped into the 2 to 1 4inch adapter and air is filtered through the carbon filter before it enters the grow room. The one way flap is behind the t4 because I obviously don’t want ice cold air pouring in until the room demands it  and than a hvac hose connects the one way to the dryer vent that I installed into the wall. Great simple way to use your outside environment to maintain your preferences in climate in your little piece of green heaven . Nature’s free A/C hope it helps.