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Hey DGC, thanks for all your answers to my questions, you guys have helped grow my grow game…. this is my first year with a real(ish) greenhouse as opposed to growshack shelters piced together half way through the season. it worked great was able to hold back any bud rot and kept the powdery mildew to a minimum and bugs were few and no problem. (sulphur/vinegar/neem/pep. oil, spray, etc) but i did have some pm and i would like to clean my greenhouse of any residue. I have used greenhouse poly over cattle panels and have a earth floor. i have heard that the pm spores are quite resilient to temperature so my Canadian temperatures wont kill it. so what are some ways to clean the inside of the greenhouse plastic and earth floor, as its not realistic to be a surgical room sterility, thanks again DGC. Even though i’m taking the winters off of growing i’ll still be catching all the DGC podcasts cuz its almost mediation at this point  😉