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Hey “boys” and Dude lol , love the show always makes me smile. I’m on my 2nd grow (week 3 of flower) using Grimm Brothers Grimm Glue from seed currently in 7 gal fabric pots and using a dripper system setup from Blumat and struggling to keep the humidity under 65% inside my AC infinity 4×4 tent with 4” in-line fan and have to run my dehumidifier in the lung room 24/7. I have two questions that Guru might be able to answer, the first one is about using the water from my dehumidifier, I tested that water and it was around 30 ppm and 6.5 ph. I am on well water that I do run through a Kinetico whole house water filtration system with 2 sediment filters and a UV germicidal light with a separate additional K5 drinking water filter station that includes an RO filter as well as a mineral plus cartridge. I typically water my grow with the drinking water that comes out around 30 ppm and a pH of 9 so I always have to pH down and typically can only get 2-1/2 gal of water out of the drinking water system per hour so I was hoping I could use the water from my dehumidifier? The 2nd question involves supplemental Cal-mag , one of the girls shows signs of what I believe to be a calcium deficiency I’ve started supplementing with Bloom City Cal-Mag diluted into the 5 gal reservoir but so far don’t really see any improvement other than that I’m trying mostly to follow the advice from watching all the Build a soil YouTube videos and have top dressed with worm castings recently. Any thoughts would be great. Keep up the great content love it.