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GRKLE is a strain created by crossing Girl Scout Cookies with Purple Erkle, grown from seed. The flower grows very dense and has a heavy stoned effect. We are waiting for the test results but last year this strain tested above 26% THC. GRKLE was fairly mold resistant all the way thru to the nug run. Small amounts of mold but thats to be expected outdoors. In fact the GRKLE was never even given rain covers so that makes it more impressive. This is a great strain to grow and even better to smoke if you like being stoned! The rosin budder pressed from the GRKLE buds is amazing. After pressing the rosin my boy Mario from Emerald Trichome Co. kneaded it until it became a butter consistency.
Check him out @ The dab from my titanium eNail was taken at 588F and has a texture similar to peanut butter melting in your mouth. The effect is a heavy head high and pain relief is great the bigger the hit you take. I hope that was a decent review and if there is something I missed please let me know as this is 1st strain review I have done. Thanks