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Hi DGC what up!!! First time dot user here…I’m using ro water, 3 g fabric pot, canna coco, a 7.5 pack of grow Dots and hitting with the charge every other watering. All was going real nice then week 4 of veg she showing magnesium deficiency. I added one gallon of 0.5ec cal/mag water and one gallon of 0.5ml mammoth P water for my weekly feed. Should I do more cal mag? I know guru says to add mag only but I don’t have that right now. And how do I add just magnesium? Also was thinking can I add the canna coco a&b that I use in my flood system at a low ec? Was going to flip at the end of this week but don’t want to with the issue I’m having. Also the wife had cranked the a/c on tilt and the temp Had dropped to 70 could this caused it? I know Scotty said it’s temp activated. Thanks for any help