Hello DGC!

I have just jarred up my harvest of Do-si-do grown in coco (20 % worm castings 10% perlite) with Grow Dots and Recharge. I did also use silica Bost and botanicare cal mag. I used a 2’x2′ tent with a Vivosun 200w led. The room is climate controlled by a ink bird controller. It hung for 10 days with a temp of 60f at 60% rh. The final weight of 118.5 g or 4.23 oz. I am happy with the results but think I could have had more weight if I didn’t add a (too strong) bloom boost that raised my run off EC to 4 and my coco could have been rinsed for salt better. I also have 39.4 g of popcorn and trim for bubble hash.

Does that weight sound right for a 2×2 at 200w?

Thanks for great entertainment and a great source of grow info.