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Whats up DGC!

Just looking for confirmation that I’m on the right path as I trust my girls to the Grow Dots and my sprinkler system to take care of them while I’m away for a few weeks in August when the girls would start to flower here in NY/LI.

The ladies were started in May and popped into 5 gal fabric pots with Fox Farm Ocean Forest and Fox Farms Happy Frog with 20% more perlite added and a cup each of Bat Guano and Worm Castings to each pot.

Beneficial Nematodes were added as well and an IPM preventive of Dr Woods Tea Tree, Peppermint, H202, and 70% alcohol with water and sprayed a few times.

Around July 1st some leaves started to yellow at the bottom and I started with Fox Farms nutes of Grow Big and Big Bloom at 1/2 strength.

It hasn’t rained much here this summer so I’ve had to hand water every other day with the 5 gal pots. When I do, it’s just 6.5 pH water with Fish Shit Or Mammoth P and then Recharge every weekend.

They’ve gotten big, so on July 15 I up potted them to 7 gals and added 90 gr of fresh Grow Dots to the 7 gal pots and 120gr to the 10 gal pot I have a Vader OG in.

My hope is the Dots break down in time for the flower transition

The lineup is:

Brother Grimm: Queen of Soul XX and Killer Queen XX.

ILGM: Tropicana Cookies and Purple Punch

Bulldog Cafe of Amsterdam: Sour Deisel

Bag seed Darth Vader OG, 3rd generation Mother in the 10gal plastic pot.

Hopefully all goes well and I cover my ass on these girls to get to harvest.

Thanks DGC, Scotty, Dude, Guru, Banner and the entire crew!