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I’m growing in canna-coco and perlite (80/20) with a medium dose of Grow Dots mixed in. This may be a duh question, but do I need to supplement with additional Cal-Mag, or is what’s included good enough? I’ve been adding 1ml/gal, 1ml/gal of mammoth P to my res (using AutoPot). Have you guys used AutoPots, and is this approach viable. I’m using RO water, the Cal-Mag, and Mammoth P. I’ve included some pictures for your viewing pleasure. OLQ, using the AutoPot, can I top water in a little Recharge, and would that provide any benefit, given it’s being bottom watered automatically? Perhaps, add some directly to the AquaValve? IDK. Appreciate any insight, and keep up the great work, guys.