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Hey DGC,

Here I have my grow dot challenger, Colors of Space from InHouse (Platinum Kush Breath x Slurricane) starting week 5. I added the single serving 75g grow dot bag. I added a tbsp of Langbenite and I added about 4 tbsp of pelleted gypsum. I added the gypsum because I wanted extra calcium I had slight deficiency last time. I heard the formula was tweaked to accommodate that so maybe too much Ca? I vegged for 3 weeks and I’ve been noticing discoloration. I’m nice and green down below, I’m yellowing in the middle and my tips look like some over fertilization? Is that what I’m looking at here? She’s praying and happy but not sure what this is? Could I have used too much recharge? I usually plant in 20 gal so a 7gal I’m watering a lot more and recharge every other watering with a 7 might have been too frequent…? Other than that she’s doing great, small buds so far for week 5 but she exploded with nodes. She also topped herself for some reason at her 3rd set of leaves so she’s double branched so that helps.