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Hey all…I’m a bit concerned about my outdoor grow! I live in the GTA (Greater Toronto Area) and the girl has been outside since May 24. Planet of the Grapes by Ethos, 9 week flower time. The weather has been rainy and chilly with only a handful of warmer days (above 70 degrees). My main question is, do Grow Dots only release ferts above 70 degrees or also via watering? I use Recharge 2 times per week at full dose. Recharge is amazing! If the ferts only release during warm temps, I may have a problem! Our growing season is finished by the end of September, sometimes the beginning of October till the first frost hits. If the bloom ferts kick in later due to shitty weather, the girl won’t have enough time to fill out and finish before the first frost. Should I add something in mid to late September to force it to finish? Am I totally over thinking this? I appreciate the help provided by this awesome community…happy growing!