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I’m growing five autoflower plants in coco with a 20 -30% perlite mix. This is my first grow.

I was planning on using a Advanced Nutrients feeding plan, but I recently learned about Grow Dots and I find the simpler approach hugely appealing. My seeds popped about 10 days ago, and they have been in my pots for just over a week. Of my five plants, two have sprouted and have two pairs of leaves, two have sprouted but have been slowed by “helmet heads” (I think both are just about free of the shells now) and one other hasn’t sprouted at all. The first to sprout has about a 2-day lead over the other one that is showing a pair of leaves, and is about 50 percent larger.

So, my question: Is it too late for me to top dress my plants with Grow Dots? I was going to wait until I saw three sets of leaves from each plant before starting with the Advanced Nutrients mix, and I suspect the first plant is probably going to be there in a few days, maybe sooner. But I’d really like to bail on the AN approach and go with the simpler Grow Dots (and Recharge) plan.

If I top dress with Grow Dots, should I do anything else in the meantime (cal-mag supplement, initial Advanced Nutrients feed) until GD time-releases and kicks in. Or am I too late to the GD party?

As noted, I’m a complete rookie, so open to any and all advice or suggestions.