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What up DGC!!!!!

I’m running a Grow Dots experiment using 45 gr per 5 gal. Mothers earth coco perlite with extra perlite. Water with 7.0 well water, battery operated irrigation out of a reservoir 2 times a day for 90 secs. Once a week Recharge hand water 1 tsp per gallon.

Light is Vivosun VS-2000 dimmable, Ac infinity 4″inline duct intake. Ac infinity cloudline T-4 exhaust.
The growth is incredible. It’s pretty obvious which two i used the Grow Dots on. 1st pic is Oct 6. 2nd pic is oct 13th. same plant, she was the 1st one up.  3- auto blueberry from Pacific seeds  and 1 photoperiod Scooby Snacks from premium seed market.
More updates to come.
Thank you Scotty, Guru, Dude
much love to the DGC