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Hey there DGC, I was getting slow growth in veg because I just could not keep my humidity high enough and I did not have the space or the scratch to build a dedicated space for higher humidity vegging. So I sparked a J and came up with this:

1. Get two seed starting trays. (slotted or solid, doesn’t matter)
2. Cut the bottom half off of each one.
3. Turn one so the top rim is facing up and the other so that the rim is on a flat surface.
4. Jam the two together. One should slide inside the other without too much resistance (if they don’t fit, trim a little off, but be careful not to take too much!) if you do it right, you can put the two halves together and it will be self supporting at this point. If you fucked up and cut too much off, well…get 2 more trays and be more careful.
5. Tape those fuckers together on the inside and the outside. I like aluminum foil tape….its like chromed out duct tape! I mean actually that is what it is. Side rant “Duck Tape” is not really proper duct tape as it claims to be. Foil tape is the shit!
6. You should now have a little unit that is about 9 cm tall and that has two rims.
7. Set the unit on top of a seed starting tray and tape those fuckers together (on the inside).
8. Enjoy your 3 to 4 inches of height on your tray.
9 Repeat as needed.

The reason I love this is because I can have a nice humid veg area for 4+ weeks without having a dedicated space.

Hope this help some growers.