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Hey DGC fam I can’t seem to post grow hacks on the grow hack page so I figured I’d post it here hoping it finds its way other there. My hack is for free Co2 enrichment and is really very simple and only requires a inline booster fan and some ducting. I use compressed co2 and was looking for a way to keep my ppm up during this Corona thing bc my shop was closed. Then I had an idea. I have 5 co2 generators living in my house. My family. So I took my meter and tested rooms in the house and what do ya know if the living room and kitchen weren’t on average over 1000ppm. Now how do I harness it. My grows in the basement so I had to get it down there. Since co2 is heavier than oxygen I installed a fake cold air return with a 8inch inline booster fan and draft blocker to prevent smell from creeping back up the pipe. Then hooked the inline fan and exhaust to my controller to swap out old air and replace with fresh co2 rich air. And BAM steady levels of 1000+ ppm. Kitchens and living rooms are best bc stoves and other appliances typically put out co2 from pilot lights ect. Ntm all the people constantly generating co2. I did this for months and it worked great but I still got a tinge of smell coming back up through the pipe and I’m in Prohibition land so any smell is a no no for me. This works especially well in the winter when the house is sealed and everyone’s inside. If you have a co2 meter go check your rooms and living spaces. You will be very surprised by what you see. I was. Hope this helps somebody in a pinch or anyone DIY growing.