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Need humidity well i did. here in Albuquerque NM we suffer from extremely low rh during, the winter you can expect 15% and summer is around 20%. as most of us growers know humidity is important this homemade humidifier can give a average of 50-60%.

The build. So all that you need is a basic roll around evaporative air conditioner, ($100) a float valve, ($9) get the high end one with the adjustable float, saddle tap, ($8) and i bought 100 feet of the black plastic water line. ($12) you can get copper but plan on tripling the price

now before you just start going gung ho on the a/c and start drilling hole where ever take the time to remove the pads on the back and make sure the float will not get hung up on anything  i used a unibit aka step bit be careful not to oversize the hole or the float valve will fall out of the hole. so another tip i can give you is to buy a inline filter for this unit at the big box stores they sell a scale reducing filter im not sure what  type of filter they are but they usually suck if you are running a R/O  or tall boy buy a tee splitter for your filtered water line and run one line to the a/c – humidifier it will make the pads last longer. if you don’t run filtered water its not the end of the world you will just start to get build up from your city water on the pads

All in all this ain’t no quest unit but it will pump out plenty of humidity and it could save you hundreds of dollars and watts and heat compared to a store bought unit i hope everyone found this useful if anyone is on instagram check out my page it is drgreenthumb505@instagram.com


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