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Sup people, check this accidental hack out.  I was checking the moisture of the soil on my clones when I noticed the stalk of the one is quite a bit bigger than the other one, not to mention height difference.  Normally you could rack that up as being different strains however I know these girls, they have been around for a bit.  It took me a couple mins to figure out why the difference but I think I narrowed it down to a clip fan,  that’s right a clip fan.  You may be able to tell from the pic that I use a oxyclone machine and these two are sitting on top of it.   The oxyclone is sitting on a bar stool that has a clip fan attached to one of the legs circulating air from the atomizer I have, in a bucket on the floor.  The fan is creating a vibration throughout the structure.  The CW plant is sitting just right and it is literally shaking while the BM plant is barely noticeable it is moving.   This makes me want to vibrate my girls during veg and bloom….giggidy.