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Ok DGC, my pride is no longer an issue. I thought i had a iron issue. My first experience with my grow of sour diesel was three of my four plants are very sensitive to Nutes. I’m planted in FF oceans so i went the just water route for a while into my 6 week and nope things are getting worse, so i did a dose of Cal-mag plus at 3ML /gal and a dose of Flora Micro at 3ML/gal. no real change my next watering i went with the Flora Gro at 5ML/gal  and Flora Bloom at 1ML/gal. things are getting worse. My lighting is at 34″ off the canopy moved them up because i burned them in the very beginning.  My lighting is HLG 550 rspec HLG 260 rspec and 1 mars hydro 2000w. temps are between 77-82F with humidity levels at 60-70%. My leaf surface temps are 79-80 degrees. My soil pH according to my blue labs soil pH meter range from 6.1 to 6.3 all seems normal? I would really appreciate the DGC expertise here. Is this a case of just to much water??? Stumped and very humbled…. Thanks in advance for any input. I have attached several pics of my sad plants…