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What’s up DGC finally upgraded my blurple lights for an HLG. Man what a difference!!! So I’m currently in veg in a 4×4 tent gonna switch to flower soon. So the light I just bought was an HLG 300L R spec which has a veg footprint of 4×4 and the flower footprint is 2.5×2.5/3×3. Now why is this? If the light is putting out 270 watts in veg and putting out 270 watts in flower then your par readings would be the same in veg and flower. Is it just that the par readings at the outside of that footprint are too weak to use for flower? Now because the HLG cannot flower a 4×4 I planned on using the 2 blurple’s that I already have to help supplement. The blurple’s are hydrocrunch “300w“. They have a veg and bloom switch and in veg it pulls 90 watts from the wall and in bloom it pulls 120 watts from the wall. So I have HLG in the middle of the tent and one blurple above each plant. All together I will be pulling 510w from the wall so I don’t think it should be but just wanted to get some opinions on if this might be too much light?