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New grower here. Same new grower questions and mistakes made. Got a small 2x2x4 and blurple Amazon light from a friend to start a small grow. I didn’t think the bag seeds would pop. Wife didn’t think so either. 3 made it. I didn’t want to let them die. Here we are. Go easy on me….  what I’m working with now:

Blurple roughly 280W (ha!), FFOF, 3 gal fabric pots, random bag seeds, light doses of GH nutes have been rarely used since I’m using amended soil, just picked up recharge from the local hydro shop called Brew and Grow. Cal mag, etc. AC Inifinty t series exhaust/carbon filter for xmas. 75-78 on, 65-68 off, RH 40-50 depending on time of day. I pH to 6.5.  Had some lockout issues I fixed by listening to the show and reading comments. invaluable info

Light sucks. It’ll grow weed. But yeah… Tent is too short to really veg too long even with training. My plants are healthy and the canopy is solid for 2 plants in this space. 3 is crowded. So…my question

If I get a 4×4 tent with a light that covers roughly 4×5 veg, 2.5×5 flower, how much am I losing out? I’ll add another and run an array. I’m not looking for monster yields. I want to learn. I wouldn’t fill the tent yet.  SP3000 is the light.  I know you push HLG and those lights are awesome.  I’ve seen good reviews but wanted to ask the community here

long winded post  thank you to anyone that’s reads or replies. Grow light physics…..