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People ask about how industry can improve our grows. This is my short list of the ways growing products can be improved. You may not agree with all of these but the fact is more critical thinking should be done.

Grow Tents: Zippers suck. If one goes out the entire tent is trash. How about magnetic closures? Is nothing better? Those mesh screens just fill up with crap. A slot for a standard sized replaceable air filter would be great. LIGHT BAFFLES that allow air but not light to pass would help during flowering. But include that replaceable filter. Less abled people have trouble lifting. Why does the side come up in the doorway in front? Make it flatter so grow pots ON WHEELS can roll through. Everyone uses electrical cords. Make them BUILT IN and we only need ONE. Overhead room is crucial for taller plants. Give us a mounting method for installing fans/filters OUTSIDE of the tent. Lastly, make them IN SECTIONS so they can be assembled EASILY by ONE person. Small Oscillating Fans: Very few work well in tents because they WERE NOT DESIGNED for it. So start designing for it. And make them last longer.

Rope Ratchets: Double the rope length. A longer rope can attach to one corner of the light, go over the upper poles and down to the other corner. That means two not four ratchets are easier to adjust. Duh.

Maybe some designer will read my rant. Maybe not. Who knows?