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What’s going on guys? Love the channel. Watch you guys all the time, and I’ve learned more from you guys and Bruce Bugbee than anyone else but I’m still green and I need a little help because I can’t get a straight answer anywhere. I’m running 4 auto’s right now in a 4×4 Gorilla tent under an Optic 8+ 550w LED; two Chemdogging by Mephisto, an NL by Seedsman, and a freebie Strawberry Cheesecake by Seedsman as well. All of them except for the Strawberry are on day 23 right now, and besides only 2 out of the 4 plants having cupping leaf edges everything seems to be going great. The only issue I have is the need for some clarification because I just recently bought an infrared thermometer and I’m having a tough time deciding what to keep my tents relative humidity at. It’s a pretty bad summer in NYC right now, so my ambient tent temps will be either 79f (26c) or 81f (27c), which is in the ball park of what I want my veg temps to be anyway. Problem is that since getting the infrared gun I’ve realized my plant leaves are anywhere from 1 to 5 degrees lower than my tents temps. What I want to know is say if I want to keep my kPa between 1.00 and 1.10, and to do that a temp and RH of 80f (26c) and 70% RH would do the trick. But if my leaf temps are 2 to 3 degrees below, should I keep my humidity at the optimal level for the tent, or the leaf in that case? Appreciate you guys a bunch, thanks for all the knowledge!