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Hello and good day to all the DGC family.  Well I need to make some changes to my 7.5 feet X 14 feet flower room.  Draining waste bins and cleaning them can be a pain in the seat cushion.  Plus the height I lose from using them.  I have been using low end pond liners on my tables for over a year now and they are doing great, so that got me thinking.  Lets do the floor in quality 45mil  EDPM pond liner.  My thinking is that it should stand up a lot better then the low end stuff.

First thing do to do was remove the baseboards.  Secure a 2″ X3″  to the floor at the 14′ mark.  That gives us a 2 1/2″ lip.   Then I needed to grade the floor so water would drain properly.  To do this, I first ran 1.5″ W X 1/2″H strips of plywood around the room up against the  walls.  Then ran 2 foot wide pieces of plywood on top of that, so one side is on the strips and the other side rest on the floor.  This makes a very nice slope to the drains.   For the drains.  I  went with 2, 2″ drains.  They are located 1/3rd the way from each end of the room.  They also need to be recessed so they are slightly below the floor level.  I did this by leaving the old laminate floor down and cutting a 2′ larger hole through that only.  Then I cut a hole in the in the sheeting to fit the drain.  next step was to remove all sharp edges, vacuum and vacuum again.  Went over every thing again looking for sharp objects.  Doing this is extremely important, we don’t want anything pocking a hole in the liner when we install it. When laying the liner out, I went up 3 walls 8″.  The liner is then lightly stretched out over the floor, then allowed to relax before securing it to the walls.  On to the drains.  With holes pre-cut in the floor, we cut the liner a little smaller the the drain as to make a tight seal there.  I also placed a rubber gasket just under the liner to help with the compression fitting of the drain.  All we had left to do was install a P-trap on each drain and hook it up to the main system.

There are a few things that I could have done a lot better and I will be going back to do some touch up her and there.  But I must say it is working great so far and my Irie Genetics love it.

Big thanks to Cannabuzz and the great growmies there for awesome comments.

Real big thanks to the DGC.  Where would we be without the DGC.  Growers Love to all.