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Hey Dude, Scotty, Guru and the DGC.

So I’m currently in the process of moving and finding a new place but once I get there I want to move out of the tent and into a grow room. Right now I am trying to plan the costs so as soon as I move I can start getting things set up right away.

I want to do two 5×10 beds where I can source organic soil and amendments locally which had that covered. I also plan to set up a SIP system on the bed like Jeremy at Build a Soil. I can just top water in any teas and things like Recharge and Mammoth P.

Lighting. I want to do LED. I was thinking about an LED/CMH mix, but for now I’m thinking LED and maybe add the CMH later if I feel like mixing things up. I’m thinking Quantum Boards, probably HLG. Any input here is great because I’ve not dabbled in LEDs yet. I was thinking somewhere from 600-800W per 5×5 area. What’s most cost effective with good coverage? More boards and no heat sinks or some heat sinks with higher wattage on boards?

Walls and insulation. Any recomerecommend for what to put on the walls for best reflection and what’s good for added insulation? Worth painting the floor?

I want to add CO2 but doesn’t have to be right away. I don’t mind exhausting if it is cheaper to initially setup and later add the CO2. What’s the setup costs approx for sealing and CO2?

Now I understand I can run my rooms warmer with LEDs, so what kind of AC should I be looking at? I’m hoping to have approx 15×15 room so I got room for getting around and more space for heat dispersal. What kind of AC for a room this size? This is totally new to me as I just used tents and my house’s AC before.

Any particular brand of fans people like? Both exhaust and oscillating. I have a Vortex 6″ exhaust that I’m very impressed with. But never have had good oscillating ones. I also plan on putting some of those digital timers that you can set to random. It’s supposed to be a security thing so random lights come on in your house when you’re on vacation or something. I think it would be good for oscillating fans to send random gusts of wind through the room.

Any other advice on grow room setup is much appreciated! I know it’s a lot but this is just a step up for me and could use some help 🙂

Thanks ✌️