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Hey DGC, Jessy here again with an update as well as more help needed from the DGC. I’m in love with growing, after 15 years of wanting, I finally done it. My last harvest was splendid, on par with dispensaries. So much so that I’m ditching my tents for flowering and prepping a room. I will keep two tents for mothers and veg. It’s in the basement so the air is already cooler. The lights and equipment (5 x 5 rapid led chilled logic with Emerson and booster will obviously run it higher so what should I do here. I’d like to invest in a quest dehumidifier since I’m scared about mold growing inside my home. I have a portable Ac I got last year. I just heard Scotty say these are no good to use loll. It was good for a tent, but now my room, I’m not so sure. I’m pretty sure I’ve heard Dude say that you can run rooms hotter if you have co2. Just looking for the best bet to get my room good for growing but safe for the house. Any and all advice is welcome. Looking forward to you guys reading this. Last time I felt so special. Hahaha, thanks DGC. The community is great. And for all of you not in the Discord yet, you don’t know what your missing.